International Day for Biological Diversity

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Mark your calendar: May 22 is International Day for Biodiversity!

The United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated each year on May 22nd to increase understanding, awareness, and positive action surrounding biodiversity issues.

Theme for 2017: Biodiversity and sustainable tourism

This year’s theme was chosen to align with the UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Biodiversity, at the level of species and ecosystems, provides an important foundation for many aspects of tourism. Recognition of the great importance to tourism economies of attractive landscapes and a rich biodiversity underpins the political and economic case for biodiversity conservation. Many issues addressed under the Convention on Biological Diversity directly affect the tourism sector. A well-managed tourist sector can contribute significantly to reducing threats to, and maintain or increase, key wildlife populations and biodiversity values through tourism revenue.

Events and information

Organizations across Canada and around the world are planning events on or around May 22 to celebrate biodiversity. Visit this page to find events happening near you and let us know if there’s an event we’ve missed.

This year the government of Quebec is highlighting the Quebec tourism strategy for the area north of the 49th parallel (in French only) and the Conservation strategy for Parcs Quebec’s network of national parks.

Can’t find an International Day for Biodiversity event happening near you? Organize your own! Have a look at our Event Planning Guide for tips on how to organize a great celebration in your community. Check out Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network for more tips and resources on International Day for Biodiversity events and event planning (specific to Ontario).

More information and resources related to the annual theme are available at the Convention on Biological Diversity web site.