Accessing Genetic Resources in Canada

Incorporating your responses into the decision making processes

We need to hear what you think about ABS policy in Canada. We have included specific questions for your consideration throughout the document. In addition to the specific questions on the options presented, you may wish to consider:

  • Do you have any general comments about ABS you would like the Task Group to consider?
  • Do you have any general comments about this process that you would like to share with the Task Group?
  • Are you aware of existing ABS practices? Do you use them? Are they effective? Why or why not? What are the gaps?

These questions have been outlined clearly on a website for you to complete. You can also participate through a traditional mail system (instructions outlined in the box below).

Your ideas and feedback on the issues and questions outlined in this Discussion Paper will be of direct assistance as governments in Canada continue to work together to address the challenges of access and benefit sharing of genetic resources. The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Task Group will review the comments, suggestions and concerns they receive through this engagement process. The output from the engagement process will be provided to governments, and is proposed to be discussed at a possible meeting of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers in the fall of 2009.

Any decision on ABS policy in Canada will take into account the views of interested individuals, organizations and Aboriginal groups. If Ministers decide to proceed with ABS policy in Canada, further discussions on the proposed option(s) could be held at that point.

Section 7