ABS Policies in Canada

Principles and Features of Canadian ABS Policies

The following are proposed principles that can be used to form the basis of ABS policy development. These principles are derived from an emerging consensus stemming from the practical experience of other nations as they have implemented ABS policies.

  • Environment-focused - contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity,
  • Practical and Economically Supportive - generating and sharing economic benefits of the utilization of genetic resources among both providers and users as a means of contributing to sustainable development,
  • Simple, Efficient and Adaptable - taking into account different sectors and allowing for different approaches in different jurisdictions,
  • Supportive of current governmental policies, and building on and respecting Canada's existing international commitments,
  • Balanced, equitable and transparent - balancing responsibilities between users and providers of genetic resources in a manner that is clear and whose rationale makes sense to all concerned, and
  • Inclusive, developed and implemented with the appropriate involvement of Aboriginal groups and communities.
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